about allison

how it all began…

when i moved into my current house, something about the bedroom just felt off, and i could not understand why. i was not sleeping well and struggled to find comfort. I could not comprehend this feeling because it was a big, beautiful, and spacious master bedroom.

that is when i started researching feng shui. with the knowledge i gained, i was able to make just a few adjustments and transform my bedroom into a sanctuary! i found myself sleeping well again and excited to come home to my new favorite room; my relaxing retreat at the end of a busy day.

this transformation inspired me to evaluate the rest of the house, curious as to how else i could create harmony within my home. The changes i made had a positive impact on my health, relationships, and career - such an impact that i felt compelled to share feng shui with others.

it brings me such happiness to be able to help others make positive changes in their homes and lives!


allison aruta krush

feng shui consultant